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Sunday, 30 August 2015

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NFIP Rating and the Community Rating System


Know Your Line: Be Flood Aware

Upcoming Changes to the NFIP – Recent Flood Insurance Legislation will Affect Subsidized Rates for Pre-FIRM Buildings

Answers to Questions about the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System (CRS)

States and Communities Work to Coordinate Building Codes and Floodplain Management Ordinances

Flood Insurance Manual:
October 1, 2012

FloodSmart Websites Offer New Resources for FloodSmart Partners and Agents

Disputing Flood Zones

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  • Important NFIP Telephone Numbers
  • Regional Office Telephone Numbers

    Who We Are [Back to Top]
    The www.nfipiservice.com hosts the eWatermark, which provides National Flood Insurance Program news.

    You may reproduce articles presented on the e-Watermark website for use in your own newsletters or other communications. Send printed copies of our reproduced articles or links to their online locations to the editor of the e-Watermark, Susan Bernstein (Susan.Bernstein@fema.dhs.gov).

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    Submission Information [Back to Top]
    We welcome your comments and suggestions, as well as submissions for articles. Send these to:

    Susan Bernstein
    500 C Street SW
    Washington, DC 20472

    Important NFIP Telephone Numbers [Back to Top]

    NFIP Telephone Center
    800-427-4661 Answers general flood insurance and claims questions for WYO companies.
    FloodSmart Call Center
    888-435-6637 Responds to questions from consumers who would like a referral to an insurance agent or want to receive a flood insurance information package.
    888-786-7693 Assists insurance agents who want to sign up for FloodSmart's agent referral program.
    NFIP Direct Servicing Agent/Customer Service
    800-638-6620 Answers policy-related questions from independent agents and policyholders who have policies written by independent agents.
    800-767-4341 Answers claims-related questions from independent agents and policyholders who have policies written by independent agents.
    FEMA Map Assistance Center
    877-336-2627 Provides information about flood hazard maps and map changes that remove a property from the floodplain (LOMAs, LOMRs, LOMCs).
    Map Service Center/FEMA Map Store
    800-358-9616 Provides basic mapping information research (e.g., map panel, effective date, community number) and distributes flood maps and Flood Insurance Studies, the Flood Insurance Manual, and Community Status Book.
    FEMA Distribution Center
    800-480-2520 Distributes free NFIP forms and public awareness materials.
    240-699-0525 Fax
    Lender Information
    800-611-6125 Responds to questions from lenders about NFIP policies and lending requirements.
    Disaster Assistance
    800-621-3362 Assists flood victims in applying for disaster assistance or checking the status of their disaster assistance claim.

    Regional Offices Telephone Numbers [Back to Top]
    NFIP Bureau Regional Offices
    FEMA Regional Offices
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